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MiDock by DesignMi

Designed to complement…

We designed MiDock to complement the latest iOS devices, so we kept the design simple yet elegant. Every dock is glass bead blasted before being anodised to provide a beautiful and high quality finish.

Lightweight, aluminium unibody…

We take quality very seriously and use precision engineering methods to ensure that every MiDock is made to a very high standard. Each MiDock is made from a single block of aluminium creating a unibody design which makes it durable, strong and most importantly lightweight.

MiDock by DesignMi

MiDock by DesignMi

Still sounds great…

We incorporated sound channels into MiDock, sound can easily pass through the dock so when your iPhone 5 or iPod is docked it still sounds great!

Micro-suction just works…

After a lot of searching we found a material that makes MiDock ‘just work’ on practically any flat/smooth surface. It doesn’t leave any residue and the pads can be wiped clean if you ever feel the suction power has decreased.

MiDock by DesignMi

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